by Kaus and Emphasize

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released March 30, 2017

All lyrics and vocals written and performed by Emphasize and Kaus except "Hyperactive" featuring Edgar Isreal

Entire album produced by Edgar Isreal except "More Velocity" produced by THC
Co-produced by Mr. Ridley
Cuts by Kemtrell
Mixed by Trust-One
Mastered by Deeskee



all rights reserved


Kaus and Emphasize San Diego, California

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Track Name: Abduction
Verse I
Carried off, babies with the wind,
when the Earth coughs atmospheric pressure and begins
it’s implosion, apocalyptic, style's terrific
in a sense that seems only ordinary when it's listened,
I've just seen a face and it molded,
pole positions switch, the planet starts to naturally shift.
I bask within the season and its gifts,
then celebrate with yogis and creative mind’s passion with the lift,
a missionary that's unspoken but affects greatly,
strange days make an anxious soul wait patiently,
can you play with knowledge if you notice its faults
because it's plaguing every classroom,
it’s only a matter of time before these baboons rip out every wire
within your circuit board and re-route their trajectory to blast you
and cast you in the lessons of the norm...
I'm on plane to seal a fate and detonate egoic form


Verse II
We don’t need no dictionary to rhyme,
we got our own vocabulary, a scenario I’m
currently hoping yo will open up the dope in your mind,
It’s not a joke, it’s like you woke up with your focus aligned,
I’m invoking what’s mine and you’re provoking whats happening,
I’m unlocking the secrets with every key that I’m rapping in,
I be tapping into frequencies of decency or ill intent,
hate the rabbit hole, but then a piece of me is militant,
real habitual, perfect attendance every time,
I’ll start a ritual, love it, I’m never disinclined,
to intertwine any feeling that exists,
whether positive or negative, experience is this,
some people think that I be too ambiguous,
that I’m dismissive in demeanor, isolated and alone,
I say my dome just reflects a willingness
to really miss the point of pleasure lest you’re measuring your own
Track Name: Memo
Verse II
Turn of events plague the saturated mind,
the devil is the face that encompasses time,
erupting into shards, bat to the mirror,
lasso effect if sensations get near ya,
open up the eyes, close off to the lies,
get lost in order to search the inside,
billboard challenges force the unbalance to happen,
the multiply while we are stagnant,
it's hard to see the magic when the curtain never moves,
a deep rest ignites the interstellar grooves,
capitalize on opportunity door-knocks,
twist the door knob and enter into a sure-shot,
assimilate the target of the far-fetched artist.
pardoned into darkness, the heart is unhardened,
released from the vessel that's surrounded in carbon,
then mixed in the arsenic component jargon,
with Kaus, the effect, now we're off to inject,
till we're tossed in the mosh pit's varsity sect,
without support of ark, bottomless mindset
caused the spark to fly out the meadowlark nest,
there is tenderness investments in the eyes of consistent second guessing…
Open the eye to the essence…
It might shine like the head on a doll out of Dresden
while Amanda Palmer gives out flowers

Verse II
And while Natalie gives a rose,
alter your anatomy, that’ll be when it grows,
magic of the gathered unraveling what he knows,
he’s a savage and he’s gradually graduating with those
individuals whom most others consider pros,
with the veterans and lettermans, better men I suppose,
they won’t let us in the medicine, Edison would have froze
if he’d seen the lightbulb in the head I’m in, I suppose,
but it really goes, back to the same scene,
the same thing that led this man to the same dream,
we aim things and shoot for the stars on a mission,
listen to the pick in the guitar’s intermission,
we’re fishing for an answer, enlightened in our vision,
we wish away the cancer and fight in our condition,
enlist in a pattern of never using a word
and insist on a fusion of logical and absurd
Track Name: Psycauliflower
Verse I
I ain’t written in a while so I’m typing on this keyboard,
fight to be enlightened and I’m right to want to see more,
right to want to be more, I take another detour,
ready to die and confident like strapping up with C-4,
let’s wrap it up and before this shit gets any bit serious,
but wait a minute, push to the edge ‘cause after all I’m curious,
I’m furious with joy and fascinated with depression,
this lesson that I learned exacerbated every session,
second guessing every move I’ve ever made without a thought,
when the truth is autopilot is the best of what I’ve got,
I’m the plot of the story and the topic of your speech,
I’m the irony of lesson and I’m mocking what you teach,
while we’re blocking what you preach, smoking blunts in ocean beach,
sipping potion in a dosage your emotion never reached,
you’re a ghost and when it meets with an energy as this,
I’m both breathing life and deleting the genesis

Verse II
Meditative attributed sequencing is on,
levels reach their breaking point, breaking through the swarm,
I plan to arm through travels in silence, dusk and dawn,
bust the green right through the lawn or concrete that we skate upon,
imagine there is no open mindedness,
the paradoxical exploding past the assurance of what time it is,
I've touched down only when grounded for consciousness,
You'll feel the inner purpose rise when you give light to sacred sight,
Masonic? Demonic? Bionic? Try out the psycauliflower power howl from beyond it,
I'm fond of the honorary, contrary the "pawn its”
lost in the dishonest sonnets that bomb like natural comets,
the news projects it forward to lead us off into marches,
I'll settle in the marshes, becoming one with the stars kid,
just notice you're an artist, and slip further and further away from monetary hardships
Track Name: Pheonix
Verse I
I catapult this verse right out of stream conscious,
it's usually regulation when I leap freely from time's grip,
a fine script transcribed to lead you on a mind trip,
rumors on vines from those that wanna see us die quick,
place us within the units of our ambitions confinement,
realize that you're a star but keep the shooting towards the skies tip,
envy's an egotistical view point of what you want that others have,
I guarantee that happiness will never last if you get it,
freedom comes from self-awareness improvements
if you let it in without the fear of being judged by fellow man,
their just as confused as you are or were, whichever verb comes first
with the insert of this little Earthly mixture from the misters
that choose to not keep a duoic name sealed in concrete,
the spiral of life is evident right through the pain(t), you can't miss it on the train,
headphones seal in the brain, electricity's in the veins
as we cruise through societal life's many lanes
that can easily be destroyed by life's many cranes
with wrecking balls attached to it,
to snatch you fast out of gassed up version of burn the veil

Verse II
The law of attraction states that we’re forever stuck,
inevitably and time again, trying to figure what the fuck,
happened to the kind of a mind only conditioned to think for itself,
all of ‘em dead, majority blind and dealing with our psychological health,
but fuck those people, everything they said I should have known,
every place I would have gone, and all the things I could have owned,
I could have blown up, fed it to the masses,
but it’s hard to move when you’re running through molasses,
stuck in the middle of a hell like riddle,
if you don’t grasp it, I got a different pair of glasses,
and a handful of matches, just for days like this when I’m bored,
lyrically set a body on fire, let it burn, just so long as somebody hit record,
got a shotty and a sword, for a god moving toward any army with a tongue,
complete, by removing any mask, any task with a flask, holding fire in my lung,
I’m inspiring the sun, if there wasn’t any me, then there wouldn’t be light yo,
four days, never will I be amazed, at the pace it was made when I did it in a typo,
hunger is vital, gotta let it exist in the blackened ice,
what’s wrong with a little bit of pain, when at stake is a way bigger sacrifice,
I don’t even want half a slice, you keep your pie, I’ll stick to me,
‘cause figuratively speaking, yo they choke on spice, I’m smoking weed,
I keep two broken feet, considering to limit any pace that I run,
in case I’m maneuvering in place, you chase, I’ll erase any phase that’ll come
Track Name: More Velocity
Verse I
I have a list of reasons I could not see prior
to the sheering of the sheath around my skeleton like wires,
as to why I decided to redirect the energetic incentive
into the realm of negative sets and dreaded scripts,
harness on this waistline as every tear drips
while I descend, vertically unbalanced, hit the near miss,
I fear this, radio stations make my ears split,
kids get lifted off of beer sips, fix the unclear lisps,
WE'RE SICK. and everyday death and birth exist
in and out of point of view the moment that a joint is lit,
I let myself indulge in Fibonacci sequences,
Buckminster Fuller theories and health doctor meeting skips,
balance on the diet keeps me running till I'm flying
towards the highest mountain as soon as my will to try is fueling,
I open up my eyes from vivid dreams that speak encrypted languages
rarely explored in third dimension since we're feuding

More velocity, more velocity, more velocity
more velocity, more velocity, more atrocity,
more velocity, more velocity, more velocity,
more velocity for your mind and your curiosity,

More velocity, more velocity, more velocity,
more velocity, more velocity, no philosophy,
more velocity, more velocity, more velocity,
more velocity for your mind and your curiosity

Verse II
I wake up in the morning and I think I want to write,
but I can’t seem to get this lighter with no fluid to ignite,
I psyche myself out, enticed by self doubt,
with light that’s truly dark in a city we’re blacking out,
ill intent, malicious missiles to issues of self esteem
to willing unconditioned pistols that hit you like a machine,
we dream of being able to catch the bullet when it comes,
and furthermore knowing just where the shots have all been fired from,
but I guess we’ve all inspired some of the negative shit that’s in our lives,
but we never do see any gun when it comes, it’ll take you by surprise,
it’ll often blind and hurt your eyes, it’ll leave you asking it for death,
and all you gotta do is pay it forward, pass it to your left,
and in this game there ain’t no ref, the only rule is that you breed
a population of sheep and to keep you from what you need,
so breathe into the next man, lead through animosity,
if we all want to hit the bottom, what we need is more velocity
Track Name: Static
Verse I
I’m in conflict of thought, and I’m seeing in the distance,
antagonizing rebels while fighting for the resistance,
insistent this instance, this misfits inconsistent,
persistence in the art, that is the part that is simplistic,
I’m far from pessimistic with a twisted optimism,
‘cause people notice the shape, but never the colors of the prism,
you traded in all your wisdom for the black and white of knowledge,
I steady say fuck the system here with a macintype abolished
I’m polished, seasoned, under the skin is rough,
and after the smooth flow the texture is kind of tough,
the stuff of stardust colliding with any planet,
mechanical organisms, and views that are panoramic,
manning the inorganic, playing with the technology,
claiming they understand it and paying us no apology
even when said experience lead to a genocide,
that’s the goal, it’s a club, there’s a cover to get inside,
that’s the goal, it’s a club, there’s a cover to get inside, (x3)
fuck that, hit em back cause were not gonna let it ride

Verse II
A sound of the alarm startled the hounds since I denounced faith
by sacrificing a charm in this police state,
the expression's loud when released through cds and beat tapes
weeks before the street date, live stages capture the experimentation,
constant flow of emotion, ego denotes sin that so dear to this nation
blind folded by the vision they tell is worth praising,
but you're beautiful, journey is felt through every abrasion,
glorified radio stations play against uplifting creation
in order to keep most of the madness up in rotation,
consumerism's got us by the senses,
the Census has got us by the mark when they come knocking.
or they're probably white vanning through each neighborhood for satellite images,
while your phone is updating, humanity diminishes,
well, are you watching the revolution or a rerun?
we refuse to be a dumbed down community son!
it's the flow and the love like a mother through any vibe (x3)
till we're left with a vision to feed into our design.
Track Name: Hyperactive
Verse I
Face it, don’t chase a case of that laced
and basic ass tasting waste you call realness,
instill the basis I’ve spilt,
the places I’ve built, the faces I’ve killed with,

Makeshift, backwards, flipping the next chapter,
act as the void of a slick B-boy stature, I’m
living in the pastures of my mind,
inventing similar components that are hard to define,

Edgar Israel:
Dreams are colors I’ve never seen and flavors I’ve never tasted,
sounds that I never heard before coming from beneath the pavement,
beast of a beat made in an underground basement,
analogue sequence locked in configuration

Verse II
I heard the stars collapsed,
and a lot of wack shit prophesied are facts,
ay yo besides the fact your little intact,
we attack your main source with a seismic track,
and you should mind the gap, ‘cause what we sever, you lack,
no need react, better relax, trilogy pact
through every syllable with filter separating the mentality,
a killable thought process, close the gallery,
I'm hourly and underpaid, slave to the nonsense,
onset’s real quick and illiterate the concepts,
cosmic conscious cause colossus launches,
nauseous, off and floating towards these lost responses,
yo, pop is inverted where hip hop is prosperous,
clock is averted where their ain't no stopping us,
and ain't no knocking this,  ain’t no blocking this,
trip to a greater and hyper metropolis

Edgar Isreal:
Reaching a point in time that was highly anticipated,
tired of waiting, putting an end to procrastination,
spit sick with no vaccination, flip scripts for the fascination,
intense full of aggravation, transformed into these creations,
made to free the mind from all your daily obligations,
can’t forget about the stress and all of life’s complications,
liberate the ones in the grips of this backwards nation,
third eye observation, the fear of time being wasted